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Where Should You Go to Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries, the Birthplace of Tango?

Buenos Aries is known for being the birthplace of tango, and that’s precisely why many people go there to learn tango dancing.

While the fact stays the same, you can’t possibly go anywhere near Buenos Aries and learn everything you need to know. There are only certain places where you can learn the tango.

Today we’ll take a look at the best place to learn the tango in Buenos Aries, and what you should do to get in.

Narrative Tango Tours

Narrative Tango Tours (NTT) are known to have a wide variety of unique tango services, such as historic tours to places holding sentimental value for tango dancers, as well as classes where you can learn the basics or advanced aspects of tango.

You’ll also experience outings along with milongas. Their staff are composed of highly professional international experts. Narrative Tango Tours are also available with personalized tango options if you want to customize your NTT.


Since there are lots of tango shows to be found in Buenos Aires, NTT is also great because customers will be able to receive exclusive discounts if they’re a member of NTT. That means you can enjoy more shows than you could have without being a member of NTT.

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Street Performances

If you’ve ever seen a street performance, you’ll probably be surprised because all street performances in Buenos Aires will feature tango. Narrative Tango Tours serves as a guide for people who’ve been to Buenos Aires just once.

History and Traditions

It would also be great even for professional tango dancers because you’ll also be taken to milongas that will explain the history, traditions, and even rules of the dance hall.

Narrative Tango Tours in Deeper Details

After entering the milonga, you’ll be guided by a milonga organizer, usually a professional tango dancer. Most of the time, you’ll be greeted by an elder and remember that it’s only normal in Argentina to greet each other with a kiss, including men.

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Men and women are separated on the dance hall, with men usually on the left side while women are on the right, making them face each other. Couples will be aligned with each other.

There are certain rules in a milonga. One of which is that the man should always be the one to ask the woman to dance and not the other way around. The man and woman would then have to nod to show they agree with each other.

After all that you’ll finally be able to dance. If you’re truly a tango lover, then once you experience Narrative Tango Tours, you’ll probably be a lover of this tour, too.

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