Recommended Books

recommendedbooks - Recommended Books

If you truly want to learn either tango or the guitar, it’s only natural to rely on one of the original sources of information, books. Here at Tango Camp, we regularly update our recommended books related to tango and guitar

Tango Stories: Musical Secrets

by Lavocah, Michael

In this book, you’ll be going on a journey through tango music. It introduces the individuals that shaped the tango history, making sure to let you know about their stories, hence the name. It really serves as a definitive guide to tango music instead of the dance itself.

Tango Lessons

by Meghan Flaherty

While it’s not exactly a direct resource for tango lessons, as the name suggests, it tells a story of a young woman in the tango dancing profession, you can still make use of it as a research material. The book talks about problems in this profession that you might find helpful.

Tango Intoxication

by Batt Johnson

Tango Intoxication is perhaps what you can call an encyclopedia when it comes to tango dancing. Take note, however, that it focuses on Argentine tango and it’s really perfect for students who are serious at exploring the arts and culture of Argentine tango.

Guitar Chord Bible

by Phil Capone

This book talks about guitar chords and this may be extremely useful especially for players who are only starting with playing the guitar. There are also movable chord forms included in this book.

The Guitar Grimoire: The Exercise Book

by Adam Kadmon

This guitar book focuses on providing readers with a vast selection of exercises. We believe this will be very helpful to help you learn how to connect patterns across the entire guitar. It really lives up to its name as being a grimoire.

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

by Joseph Alexander

If you’re looking to learn about the guitar, the tricky part of it is figuring out what to focus on. With that said, this book will guide you through all that so you can be put at ease while learning the guitar. There are 200 exercises that come with this book with audio tracks.