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Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

If you’re going to spend between $500 and $1,000 for your guitar amp, it’s only natural to assume you’ll be choosing one with reliability as well as great audio quality. Not only should it be worth each penny, but it should also be able to keep up with your guitar playing every night.

And this is always the case with anyone who is looking to buy a guitar amp. Regardless of how much you’re going to spend, you have to choose one that you would enjoy using.

Here we look at guitar amps you should be purchasing this year. Take note, however, that we only included the existing amps up to March because we are not time travelers. PostImage OurTopPicksonTrendingAmpsforYourGuitarThisYear Guitarampsandgadgets - Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

Fender Blues Junior IV

This version is their latest update of one of the most popular amp manufacturer in the world. It costs around $600 and it boasts compatibility with pedals. Being lightweight makes it easy to handle and the build is high-quality as well.

Orange Rocker 32

This is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the list, costing over $1,000, but we at Tango Camp can say it’s all worth it. It’s great for pedal users and the side handles is easy to carry. The stereo is also of great quality. There is a reason the Rocker is heavily featured in multiple amplifiers charts by professional review sites, and that reason is value.

PRS Sonzera 20 Combo

This amp boasts a wide variety of tones, including high-gain. The price is great considering that it only costs $800. The only downside is there’s no effects loop trigger through foot switch.

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PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti

If you’re looking for an amp for metal and hard rock, this is for you, especially considering that it only costs $650. The build is of great quality and it features attractive lights, although it’s not exactly great when it comes to clean channels.

These are our top four picks when it comes to amps for the guitar. While it may not help much with tango, there are ways to compensate for the music being too overcomplicated. You’ll find that in tango dancing, music can be anything.

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