Local studios

Tango is sensual and fun. If you are interested in learning tango then here are some places where you can go to.

Boulder Tango Studio


This studio has created a Tango space for the local community and people from other cities and countries also. The studio carries out the development of tango dance programs for various levels. Besides providing lessons for students, special seminars are held for advanced dancers. The studio also holds Yearly International Tango Festival.

Triangulo Argentine Tango Studio


Triangulo first started in 1997. This studio has been a popular choice for the New York tango community. This is a warm and welcoming studio where students can learn and practice tango. The studio is created with love, and for the passion of tango dancing.

El Mundo Del Tango


This tango academy started its journey in 1993 in San Diego. It’s motto was to teach students, amateurs or professionals the principles of tango, rather than it’s steps. Throughout decades the tango dance has evolved. But the basics and the principles will remain unchanged forever. The academy holds special workshops regulary lead reputable instructors from the birthplace of tango Rio de la Plata.



Joanne and Rusty are the teachers of this tango studio. Their rich exposure has affected their dance and teaching styles. Rusty became a full time tango instructor in 2004. Joanne started studying tango with Rusty in 2005. Since then they have traveled to study and dance tango in major cities of US, London, Mumbai, Buenos Aires and Sydney. They have worked with more than 60 master level instructors and organized tango group classes and workshops in Tucson since 2005. At Learn-to-Tango.com you can have group classes or private classes. There are also workshops and festivals. You will also get certificate at the end of the course.

Tango is an art and it must be learned well. Just learning the steps is not enough. You need to know the principles and practice it well. Only then you can become a good tango dancer.