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How You Should Be Learning How to Play Tango on Your Guitar

Trying to do better than professional guitarists in tango is not as easy as it seems, especially when you don’t know the first thing about the guitar. That’s why it is critical that you first know the basics of the guitar, in which case you might want to enter a basic guitar course.

Although there are many guitarists who were self-educated, you should remember that it’s better to have someone teach you instead of you doing it alone. There will also be times when you devote hours of training, but you’re not learning something.

Here we look at the steps to properly learn how to play guitar, particular flamenco, which is essential when it comes to tango dancing.

Get to know the guitar

The first thing that you know is what the guitar is. Despite playing it for so long, many guitarists don’t know the exact meaning of a guitar.

A guitar is a plucked string instrument consisting of a resonance box, with the fretboard attached and an acoustic hole in the center of the six strings. You will then see the peg box in which guitarists use to tighten or loosen the strings.

PostImage HowYouShouldBeLearningHowtoPlayTangoonYourGuitar playguitar - How You Should Be Learning How to Play Tango on Your Guitar


The second step is to figure out how you should position the guitar when you’re about to play it.

The usual setup is that when you are right-handed, the right hand will be the one playing the strings while your left hand will be the ones putting pressure in the strings to produce notes. Of course, the setup would be the opposite of this if you are left-handed.


Tuning the guitar is also another important part of learning how to play it. It is also essential because it helps your ears get familiar with the notes. Just like the positioning, you’ll have to use your right hand to pull the strings while the left adjusts the pegs. That is, if you’re right-handed, otherwise it would be the other way around.


Just as it is essential to familiarize yourself with the sound of music, the same goes with reading the score. You would need to learn the pentatonic scale starting from the major up to the minor.

The scale is made up of consecutive five sounds, as well as the highest within the octave.

Take note the scales C major as well as the A minor as these are the most important part of reading the score.


Techniques can vary from one guitarist to another. Just remember that if you already know how to read the score, you’re familiar with the sounds, and know the proper positioning, you’re ready to come up with your own technique.

These are the steps to properly learn how to play the guitar, especially with tango. You shouldn’t be hasty, just like how tango dancing should be taken one step at a time.

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