If you are a Tango dancer or have good knowledge about this form of dance, then you can write for us as guest writers. You can write about Tango from various perspectives. Some of the topics that you may right on include the history of Tango, influence of Tango on the rest of the world, best schools to learn Tango, steps of Tango dancing, various events held of Tango dancing, the greatest Tango dancers of all time, and many more.

Your article must be interesting and well researched. We want original writings without any duplicate material from the Internet. If you state any fact about Tango dance, we expect you to write down the source of your information. In your writing, you must use a tone that is understandable by readers of all ages. You should avoid technical jargons, because this site is for semi professional and casual Tango dancers. So, they might not understand what you are trying to say.

Your opening paragraph must be an attention getter. You must divide your writing in paragraphs so that it’s easy to read. Include a few pictures on your writing so the readers find your article interesting to read.  You should add appropriate links to your article so that readers can refer to other websites for more information. Your article must have good keywords so that the search engines can easily find them. Before you submit your writing to us, double check it for any typing errors.

Our board of editorial team will scrutinize your writing and decide whether to publish your writing in the next issue of this magazine. If you are interested, you can email your writing to us.