Heather Studley

Heather Studley

Tango is an amazing dance form that originated in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 1800s. It is a prominent part of Argentine culture. Tango was added to Unesco’s Intangible Cultrual Heritage list in 2009. Tango is an intimate and openly social dance which stimulates the connection between human beings and helps to improve our sensitivity. This makes deeper contact with ourselves and the other person.

Tango is a social art of expression and creation.  With Tango, we learn to connect with other people and share the creation of movement. We put a number of concepts in the dancing and teaching of tango. These include connection, technique, organic movement, originality and improvisation. Improvisation is the main essence of Tango. It combines all elements to let the dance happen through us and allows the movement to flow and take new form. While dancing Tango, you must create the feeling of being connected and alive.

This website is dedicated to semi professional and casual tango dancers. Here, you will learn about the various Tango movements, techniques, tips, and many more. Visit our site to learn about Tango.