tangocamp logo - AboutTango Camp was born in early 2019 and it had already made a name for itself as a reliable source for tango enthusiasts as well as guitarists looking to learn how to play tango music.

Tango Camp consults professionals and experts in this field and this is why our users find our content to be helpful as it comes from experienced and seasoned dancers and guitarists.

We not only help users learn the basics of tango. We also provide tips on how to maximize your potential as a dancer and improve your footwork on the dance floor. You will find that it’s not that hard if you are following certain directions.

Tango Camp, despite the name, doesn’t solely talk about the topic of tango dancing. We also help our users learn how to play tango on their guitar. We mostly talk about flamenco guitar as it is the main style of guitar-playing for people who play at tango dances.

Here at Tango Camp, we want to put our readers at ease as it creates a better atmosphere for learning, especially when it comes to tango as it requires deep concentration. It is our aim to help our readers progress in their studies so they can build a stronger background for the culture of tango dancing.

We also announce events regarding tango as well as guitar-playing, especially with flamenco guitars. We believe these events may serve as good research material for learning the tango and guitar-playing.

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