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6 Most Famous Festivals for Flamenco Guitar Lovers in Spain

Just as there are thousands of tango-related festivals around the world, flamenco guitar lovers can also enjoy festivals from all over the globe. While they are mostly held in Spain, there will surely be at least one in your country.

Also, take note that flamenco guitarists are the ones responsible for the music in tango dancing. This is why most of the places that hold these flamenco guitar festivals have some kind of connection to tango in their culture.

Here we look at six of the most famous festivals that will surely be a dream come true for flamenco guitar lovers.

Memoria Niña de los Peines “Al Gurugú”

This festival is held in Arahal, a town in Seville.

The festival was founded in 2002 and dedicated to Pastora Pavón as she was considered to be one of the best flamenco singers around the world.

Bankia Flamenco Festival

The Bankia Flamenco Festival is celebrated in different venues in Spain such as La Casa Encendida and Teatro Circo Price in the month of February.  It was once hosted by Caja Madrid but since 2012, it was left to the organization in order to keep the festival intact.

PostImage 6MostFamousFestivalsforFlamencoGuitarLoversinSpain guitarman - 6 Most Famous Festivals for Flamenco Guitar Lovers in Spain

Bienal de Flamenco Malaga

This is another festival held in Sevilla, and it is celebrated every two years. Due to its rarity, many flamenco guitarists around Spain tend to go to the festival for the months of activities in store for visitors.

There are well-known performers, as well as attractive towns that host several performances.

Bienal de Flamenco Sevilla

Yet another festival held in Sevilla. This festival was founded in 1980 and it had been celebrated by citizens for 30 years now. This is held every two years just like Bienal de Flamenco Malaga and it’s best known for bringing together the best flamenco musicians and dancers alike to the venue.

Dos Hermanas Festival de Flamenco “Juan Talega”

This festival is held in the neighboring town of Seville and it was dedicated to Juan Talega, a flamenco singer. He is considered as a master of a certain style of flamenco. The festival now attracts many local as well as regional and national performers around Spain.

Encuentros Flamencos

Encuentros Flamencos is held in Granada and is typically celebrated during the first week of December.  This event lasts for a week and you’ll find that the performances hosted in this festival are not as formal as with the other festivals in this list.

These are the six most famous festivals around Spain. Spain is best-known for its rich culture and tradition involving flamenco and tango, and thus there are flamenco singers, dancers, and artists lurking in this country.

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