6 introduction videos if you’re learning tango


Learning tango is now a lot easier than before. With so many online videos available, you can easily learn tango at home. At the beginning, it would be a little difficult to understand things, but have patience and with practice you will learn them soon. Even if you learn tango at home with the help of online videos, you should still have a tango dance teacher. You must show your teacher the moves you have learned from the online videos, so that you know that you are doing things the right way. Here are some introduction videos if you are learning tango.

Forward Ocho is the oldest and most important figure of tango. Using this, the woman draws a figure 8 into the ground. In the past, tango was danced on dirty floors, streets and outside. On these surfaces a woman could clearly draw the beautiful curves of the ocho. But nowadays, women dance on lovely wooden floors. Before learning ocho, you must know about ‘dissociation’. This is the bodily turn where the upper body and hip face opposite directions.

Men’s Technique of Forward Ocho

Ocho can be lead in a number of different ways. But you should remember that the shoulders are parallel to the ground and the arms don’t move up and down.

Women’s Technique of Forward Ocho

You must look at the feet movement. You should carefully observe how the feet are held during the forward step. You can see three ways: natural step, glided step and stepping on the heel.

The Sandwich Step

This is a basic step in tango. The name represents the position of the feet. The women’s foot lie in between he two feet of the leader, forming a sandwich. The position can be changed; that is, the leader’s foot can be placed between the women’s two feet. The video shows two types of sandwich steps; on e is called the sanguchito simple and the other is called sanguchito traspie. The difference between the two is that the second one has an extra side step before the backward ocho.

Ocho Cortado

This is a basic figure that is used frequently. It means ‘cut eight’. This is a controversial dance step; some people love it while others simply hate it.

Leading the Cross and the 8-Step Sequence

In this step, the leader takes a step to the back. Then, on the second step, the person takes a side step towards the center of the dance floor. On the third step, the leader steps on the outside of the follower. Then the preparation of the cross with a forward step is taken on the fourth step. On the fifth step, the leader closes his feet and the follower completes the cross step. The last three steps end the sequence.

Walking in Parallel and Cross Systems

In the parallel system, the leader and the follower steps with legs opposite each other. In a cross system, the leader and follower are using the same foot at each other.

Embrace is the most important connection used in Argentine tango. The soft and loving embrace will make you want more; on the other hand, the tight and uncomfortable grip will make you feel like running away. Tango is an extremely sensual form of dance. You must feel the dance while doing your steps. You will find good and bad videos on tango online. That’s why it is always better to cross check with your teacher about the steps you learn at home from the online videos. You should practice more and more to get expert at the various tango steps.

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