4 interesting facts you didn’t know about the tango style


Tango is known for its elegance and sensuality. This embracing dance crosses the boundaries of the continent and is now known as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here are some interesting facts about the tango style which most people don’t know.

The origin of this name

The name ‘tango’ has African roots. ‘Tangos’ were the places in Argentina where slaves from Sudan, Congo and Gulf of Guinea came to dance. The dance forms ‘Milonga’, ‘Canyengue’, ‘Malambo’, and ‘Candombe’ also have the same roots. These dance forms are also related to the tango rhythm.

Along with Messi and Dulce de Leche, there is nothing more Argentinian than the Tango. The word that gives name to this rhythmic dance has African roots. “Tangos” were the places in Argentina where slaves from ethnic groups from the Congo, Sudan and the Gulf of Guinea, gathered to dance. The “Milonga”, “Malambo”, “Canyengue” and “Candombe”, also related to Tango rhythms, have the same roots.

It is not only Argentinian

Tango should be known as Rioplatense. During the 19th century, European immigrants settled on both banks of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentian on one side, and Montevideo, capital of Uruguay on the other. These immigrants brought music and dances blended with native features from Afro-Argentine and Afro-Uruguayan traditions. Therefore, tango is actually a mix of both the cultures.

An inseparable instrument

A musical instrument known as Bandoneon always accompanies tango dance. This instrument was invented in Germany and it’s thought to have arrived in Uruguay and Argentina with German immigrants. The instrument produces a beautiful somber and sensual sound. It is related to the Colombian Vvallenato Accordion.

These interesting facts make tango a dance form that has a unique history. It’s unique feature is appealing to people of all generation and borders.


Guitars can have a part in Tango too

Recently, we were contacted by our friends that have a guitar related site and they wanted to share an info-graphic with us about the influence and the possibilities that the guitar instrument can offer in tango. Let’s not forget that we are talking about the authors of the popular round-up article on the best rated guitar pedals, so we can expect nothing but top quality content from them.

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