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Here Are Tango Holidays You Probably Didn’t Know Your Country Celebrates

For tango dancers, nothing would be better than to know that there are tango holidays and events available in your country. Not only can you learn the tango, or just enjoy it if you already know how to, it would also be an enjoyable experience for your family or for yourself.

While there are hundreds of trips you can take featuring tango, today we’ll highlight the ones that are most popular and we’re sure you’ll enjoy to the fullest.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Of course, we’ll feature the so-called birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires in Argentina. Mix together the heritage of Europe with all the wine and steak, breath-taking art, colorful nightlife, and you’ll get Buenos Aires.

While tango novices are allowed in this place, we especially recommend this to those who already tango like a pro. If you’re one of these people, you might find it intimate to see competitions, nights out at local milongas, tangos picture, and more all around the city.

PostImage HereAreTangoHolidaysYouProbablyDidntKnowYourCountryCelebrates BuenosAires - Here Are Tango Holidays You Probably Didn’t Know Your Country Celebrates

We suggest booking as a couple so you can experience everything that this place has to offer. That way, you’ll be offered lots of activities in your trip including milongas, and you’ll still have time to wander around the city. You might even enjoy the planned meals.

Andalusia, Spain

Next place we absolutely have to feature is Andalusia, Spain. It features a charming village best known for having a stunning beach and an astonishing sea coastline. We suggest you stay at the 4-story hotel in the area which is just meters away from the beach. That is if you truly want to enjoy Andalusia to the fullest.

If you’re going to visit Andalusia, then you might as well visit Malaga as well, which is well-known for being Andalusian’s most culturally dynamic city. There are lots of places you can visit as well, including Cathedrals. You can also enjoy tango here too.

Seville is another city that you should visit if you’re a tango enthusiast. Not only that, but they also have Flamenco guitar shows, which is linked to tango.


Japan is also known for its holiday, JaPango, and it’s already obvious that it comes from Japan and Tango combined. There are many tango-related events here. Plus, temples are really tempting to visit.

PostImage HereAreTangoHolidaysYouProbablyDidntKnowYourCountryCelebrates Japango - Here Are Tango Holidays You Probably Didn’t Know Your Country Celebrates

Japan boasts its colorful nature especially when you go there in October since the climate is typically mild and pleasant this time of the year. There will be lots of milongas at night so if you love tango, you should consider going to Japan.

These are three of the countries that we definitely recommend for tango lovers. Not only are they great for highlighting tango in their culture, but they’re also great even with people with no interest in tango.

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