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PostImage 6MostFamousFestivalsforFlamencoGuitarLoversinSpain guitarandtabs - 6 Most Famous Festivals for Flamenco Guitar Lovers in Spain

6 Most Famous Festivals for Flamenco Guitar Lovers in Spain

Just as there are thousands of tango-related festivals around the world, flamenco guitar lovers can also enjoy festivals from all over the globe. While they are mostly held in Spain, there will surely be at least one in your country.

Also, take note that flamenco guitarists are the ones responsible for the music in tango dancing. This is why most of the places that hold these flamenco guitar festivals have some kind of connection to tango in their culture.

Here we look at six of the most famous festivals that will surely be a dream come true for flamenco guitar lovers.

Memoria Niña de los Peines “Al Gurugú”

This festival is held in Arahal, a town in Seville.

The festival was founded in 2002 and dedicated to Pastora Pavón as she was considered to be one of the best flamenco singers around the world.

Bankia Flamenco Festival

The Bankia Flamenco Festival is celebrated in different venues in Spain such as La Casa Encendida and Teatro Circo Price in the month of February.  It was once hosted by Caja Madrid but since 2012, it was left to the organization in order to keep the festival intact.

PostImage 6MostFamousFestivalsforFlamencoGuitarLoversinSpain guitarman - 6 Most Famous Festivals for Flamenco Guitar Lovers in Spain

Bienal de Flamenco Malaga

This is another festival held in Sevilla, and it is celebrated every two years. Due to its rarity, many flamenco guitarists around Spain tend to go to the festival for the months of activities in store for visitors.

There are well-known performers, as well as attractive towns that host several performances.

Bienal de Flamenco Sevilla

Yet another festival held in Sevilla. This festival was founded in 1980 and it had been celebrated by citizens for 30 years now. This is held every two years just like Bienal de Flamenco Malaga and it’s best known for bringing together the best flamenco musicians and dancers alike to the venue.

Dos Hermanas Festival de Flamenco “Juan Talega”

This festival is held in the neighboring town of Seville and it was dedicated to Juan Talega, a flamenco singer. He is considered as a master of a certain style of flamenco. The festival now attracts many local as well as regional and national performers around Spain.

Encuentros Flamencos

Encuentros Flamencos is held in Granada and is typically celebrated during the first week of December.  This event lasts for a week and you’ll find that the performances hosted in this festival are not as formal as with the other festivals in this list.

These are the six most famous festivals around Spain. Spain is best-known for its rich culture and tradition involving flamenco and tango, and thus there are flamenco singers, dancers, and artists lurking in this country.

PostImage HowYouShouldBeLearningHowtoPlayTangoonYourGuitar Acousticguitar - How You Should Be Learning How to Play Tango on Your Guitar

How You Should Be Learning How to Play Tango on Your Guitar

Trying to do better than professional guitarists in tango is not as easy as it seems, especially when you don’t know the first thing about the guitar. That’s why it is critical that you first know the basics of the guitar, in which case you might want to enter a basic guitar course.

Although there are many guitarists who were self-educated, you should remember that it’s better to have someone teach you instead of you doing it alone. There will also be times when you devote hours of training, but you’re not learning something.

Here we look at the steps to properly learn how to play guitar, particular flamenco, which is essential when it comes to tango dancing.

Get to know the guitar

The first thing that you know is what the guitar is. Despite playing it for so long, many guitarists don’t know the exact meaning of a guitar.

A guitar is a plucked string instrument consisting of a resonance box, with the fretboard attached and an acoustic hole in the center of the six strings. You will then see the peg box in which guitarists use to tighten or loosen the strings.

PostImage HowYouShouldBeLearningHowtoPlayTangoonYourGuitar playguitar - How You Should Be Learning How to Play Tango on Your Guitar


The second step is to figure out how you should position the guitar when you’re about to play it.

The usual setup is that when you are right-handed, the right hand will be the one playing the strings while your left hand will be the ones putting pressure in the strings to produce notes. Of course, the setup would be the opposite of this if you are left-handed.


Tuning the guitar is also another important part of learning how to play it. It is also essential because it helps your ears get familiar with the notes. Just like the positioning, you’ll have to use your right hand to pull the strings while the left adjusts the pegs. That is, if you’re right-handed, otherwise it would be the other way around.


Just as it is essential to familiarize yourself with the sound of music, the same goes with reading the score. You would need to learn the pentatonic scale starting from the major up to the minor.

The scale is made up of consecutive five sounds, as well as the highest within the octave.

Take note the scales C major as well as the A minor as these are the most important part of reading the score.


Techniques can vary from one guitarist to another. Just remember that if you already know how to read the score, you’re familiar with the sounds, and know the proper positioning, you’re ready to come up with your own technique.

These are the steps to properly learn how to play the guitar, especially with tango. You shouldn’t be hasty, just like how tango dancing should be taken one step at a time.

PostImage WhereShouldYouGotoLearntheTangoinBuenosAriestheBirthplaceofTango oldmantango - Where Should You Go to Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries, the Birthplace of Tango?

Where Should You Go to Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries, the Birthplace of Tango?

Buenos Aries is known for being the birthplace of tango, and that’s precisely why many people go there to learn tango dancing.

While the fact stays the same, you can’t possibly go anywhere near Buenos Aries and learn everything you need to know. There are only certain places where you can learn the tango.

Today we’ll take a look at the best place to learn the tango in Buenos Aries, and what you should do to get in.

Narrative Tango Tours

Narrative Tango Tours (NTT) are known to have a wide variety of unique tango services, such as historic tours to places holding sentimental value for tango dancers, as well as classes where you can learn the basics or advanced aspects of tango.

You’ll also experience outings along with milongas. Their staff are composed of highly professional international experts. Narrative Tango Tours are also available with personalized tango options if you want to customize your NTT.


Since there are lots of tango shows to be found in Buenos Aires, NTT is also great because customers will be able to receive exclusive discounts if they’re a member of NTT. That means you can enjoy more shows than you could have without being a member of NTT.

PostImage WhereShouldYouGotoLearntheTangoinBuenosAriestheBirthplaceofTango dancingcouple - Where Should You Go to Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries, the Birthplace of Tango?

Street Performances

If you’ve ever seen a street performance, you’ll probably be surprised because all street performances in Buenos Aires will feature tango. Narrative Tango Tours serves as a guide for people who’ve been to Buenos Aires just once.

History and Traditions

It would also be great even for professional tango dancers because you’ll also be taken to milongas that will explain the history, traditions, and even rules of the dance hall.

Narrative Tango Tours in Deeper Details

After entering the milonga, you’ll be guided by a milonga organizer, usually a professional tango dancer. Most of the time, you’ll be greeted by an elder and remember that it’s only normal in Argentina to greet each other with a kiss, including men.

Postimage WhereShouldYouGotoLearntheTangoinBuenosAriestheBirthplaceofTango redcouple - Where Should You Go to Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries, the Birthplace of Tango?

Men and women are separated on the dance hall, with men usually on the left side while women are on the right, making them face each other. Couples will be aligned with each other.

There are certain rules in a milonga. One of which is that the man should always be the one to ask the woman to dance and not the other way around. The man and woman would then have to nod to show they agree with each other.

After all that you’ll finally be able to dance. If you’re truly a tango lover, then once you experience Narrative Tango Tours, you’ll probably be a lover of this tour, too.

PostImage 9TangoFestivalsYouNeedtoGotoThisJune2019 feet - 9 Tango Festivals You Need to Go to This June 2019

9 Tango Festivals You Need to Go to This June 2019

Tango festivals are events that are held to preserve the culture and tradition of a place. That’s why you’ll find that places who value tango strongly will have lots of tango festivals.

While your town or city may not have one of these festivals, there will surely be some in one of the neighboring towns or cities.

Today we look at some of the tango festivals in different places that will be held this June so you won’t have to go to another country to experience the thrill of tango festivals.

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019

Karlsruhe International Tango Festival

This will be held on the 6th of June until June 10, 12 hours each day, starting at 9 am.

This will be held in Kanzlerstrasse, Germany by Siempre Tango.

Tango En Punta Festival

This is held every June 6 up to June 10 also starting at 9 am for 12 hours straight. This festival is held in Vienna, Austria featuring milongas.

Friday, Jun 7, 2019

Tango Affair Kuala Lumpur Festival

Tango Affair Kuala Lumpur is another festival held from 9 am and lasts up to 9 pm of each day, from June 7 to June 9. This is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia mainly hosted by Zi Angelique.

Night And Day 2019 Festival

This festival is also held during the 7th of June up to June 9 starting at 9 am to 9 pm. It is held in Kiev, Ukraine. It is surely a high-quality event for people who love tango.

PostImage 9TangoFestivalsYouNeedtoGotoThisJune2019 peopledancing - 9 Tango Festivals You Need to Go to This June 2019

7 Reunion Milonguera in Venezia Marathon

While it’s not exactly a festival since 7 Reunion Milonguera in Venezia is a marathon, it’s still a great event for tango lovers. It is held the same time as both the previously mentioned events in Venice, Italy.

4th Noches Portenas Marathon Marathon

Another marathon that caters to tango lovers is 4th Noches Portenas Marathon. It is held at the same time as the first marathon but this time, it’s held in Warsaw, Poland. This 2019 is their 4th edition.

Thursday, Jun 13, 2019

Milonguero Summer Festival

This festival starts on the 13th of June up to the 17th, from 9 am to 9 pm in Vilnius Lithuania. It’s one of the most well-known summer festivals in the area.

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

Ithaca Tango Marathon

This festival is known as Itango and it starts from June 20 to June 25, from 8:30 pm to 11 pm. This is held in Ithaca, New York.

Friday, Jun 21, 2019

1st Armenia International Tango Festival

This is the first festival to ever happen in Yerevan Armenia. It starts from June 21 to June 30 from 7 pm to 11:55 pm. This is perhaps the longest festival there is related to tango.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of tango-related festivals around the world. It would be hard to believe that your country doesn’t have at least one. So, for your next vacation, make sure to stop at one of these places to enjoy the beauty of tango festivals.

PostImage OurTopPicksonTrendingAmpsforYourGuitarThisYear OrangeAmp - Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

If you’re going to spend between $500 and $1,000 for your guitar amp, it’s only natural to assume you’ll be choosing one with reliability as well as great audio quality. Not only should it be worth each penny, but it should also be able to keep up with your guitar playing every night.

And this is always the case with anyone who is looking to buy a guitar amp. Regardless of how much you’re going to spend, you have to choose one that you would enjoy using.

Here we look at guitar amps you should be purchasing this year. Take note, however, that we only included the existing amps up to March because we are not time travelers. PostImage OurTopPicksonTrendingAmpsforYourGuitarThisYear Guitarampsandgadgets - Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

Fender Blues Junior IV

This version is their latest update of one of the most popular amp manufacturer in the world. It costs around $600 and it boasts compatibility with pedals. Being lightweight makes it easy to handle and the build is high-quality as well.

Orange Rocker 32

This is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the list, costing over $1,000, but we at Tango Camp can say it’s all worth it. It’s great for pedal users and the side handles is easy to carry. The stereo is also of great quality. There is a reason the Rocker is heavily featured in multiple amplifiers charts by professional review sites, and that reason is value.

PRS Sonzera 20 Combo

This amp boasts a wide variety of tones, including high-gain. The price is great considering that it only costs $800. The only downside is there’s no effects loop trigger through foot switch.

PostImage OurTopPicksonTrendingAmpsforYourGuitarThisYear AmpGuitarBlack - Our Top Picks on Trending Amps for Your Guitar This Year

PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti

If you’re looking for an amp for metal and hard rock, this is for you, especially considering that it only costs $650. The build is of great quality and it features attractive lights, although it’s not exactly great when it comes to clean channels.

These are our top four picks when it comes to amps for the guitar. While it may not help much with tango, there are ways to compensate for the music being too overcomplicated. You’ll find that in tango dancing, music can be anything.